Posted by: Tharindu | February 8, 2008

Imagine Cup

We are planned to propose a project to Imagine Cup 2008, SriLanka local competition in Software design catogory. Other friends in my group are Asanga, Isuru and Laksiri. We have a project idea and currently working on it to improve it. The deadline of Project Proposal submission is 25th February. We all are currently studying at FIT(Faculty of Information Technology) and I am expecting to add our experience and ideas here in this blog.


  1. well done man. when I read this article I came up an idea with Imagine Cup 2008 for SriLanka.

    But I have a problem, It is that!
    1). what are things that we will be able to ingest form Imagine Cup?
    2). what is the need for doing that event?
    3). what will be the position in future for its project.
    4). what is the impotence of these projects to Sri Lanka?

    Any way I would like to say this about Imagin Cup.
    * But I know Our guys(IT University of Moratuwa)more clever for doing any thing. So this is not hard one for Our guys. And Imagin Cup will be won this time as past.

    And I like to see, this project to be helped to Sril Lanka.


  2. Hay mcn
    I think this Imagine Cup idea is a great work. This time you know the theme is about ‘Sustainable Environment’. This is a great chance for SL guys to do something for the environment using MS technologies.

    I think it does not matter whether you are with MS or with FOSS all you have to do is to make this world a better place using what ever kowledge you have.

    The Imagine Cup idea is a great opportunity for university students to use their imagination and brain to think innovative solutions for the benefit of the country as well as for the whole world.
    I think Microsoft will help our country to implement some of the new solutions that will come out after the local competition. That is a great thing you mentioned.
    Thanks for the comment


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