Posted by: Tharindu | March 4, 2008

How to cram for a college exam

Here’s a nice article on how to cram for an exam. I got this link from Laknath – one of my friends at FIT.

In my opinion, the best way to write your exam if you do not have enough time to keep all the things in your mind is something like this. First quickly try to understand it without worrying about how to keep it remembered. then make a short note on your own in your fashion with the smallest font you can read. Bring it to your exam. Because in my opinion exams should test the analyzing power not the parrot style work. I know this is illegal but you want marks with the subject knowledge with in the minimum time waste. In that case, I think this is the solution. But you have to be confident enough to do this.

Following article tells you some standard techniques that you can use,

If you haven’t cracked a book before now or if you just want to be as prepared as possible, cramming the night before an exam is a must. This how-to will guide you through the process.”

How to cram for a college exam


  1. It’s better if we haven’t enough time to study. But the best thing is to study well and not to use “knoledge pati” .


  2. Hay mcn,
    Sometimes you face subjects that are not improving your analyzing or thinking power, they just waste your valuable time just to keep them in your mind only just for the exam. I feel at least those subjects has to be open book or other wise you need to bring something with you just to get the marks you need. But I agree with you when it comes to the subjects like Maths and Logic like wise because they are necessary to build your skills.


  3. Nice work men,
    It’s another way of passing exams. Some are parroting, some are keep them by heart and we are keep them in our pocket, so what’s the prob. And don’t think that we are not making the “Patiya” as blind person, only the one, who do it knows its difficulty to make a “Patiya” as well as using it during the paper.



  4. ‘Pati’ can help you a lot if you are in trouble with time in a exam. But everyone is not comfortable with pati. so what if you are a one of those? Does that mean you are in trouble in the exam? I don’t think so.

    First you need to be sensible and decide whether or not it would be possible to sit for the exam. If it’s a yes, try to determine the maximum amount of time you would be able to study efficiently and always keep in mind the remaining time. Then go through your notes as fast as you could and try to memorize (lets call this parrotite!) all the things you think important. Don’t try much to understand but try to memorize.

    Then go through your notes for a second time and try to determine whether you have memorized the important things.This step should be very short.

    Then take a past paper and see whether you could write it. Don’t try to answer the paper but just go through it and see whether you have memorized the things.

    Then in the morning go through the most important things again for a hour or so. Then if you can ‘poyya danna’ in the exam, you should be safe.


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