Posted by: Tharindu | March 23, 2008

Lets salute the great ledgend – Sir Arthur C. Clarke

We must salute Sir Arthur C. Clarke as SriLankans because of the great service he has done to our country. He has been a great science fiction writer and his visionary has been quite revolutionary. The things he imagined, had become reality even when he was alive.

Mr. Clarke was well known for his 2001 series and a range of science fiction books. He also mentioned about Buddhism in one of his books, as a philosophy that the world will accept in the future. He had three dreams that he wanted to see come true when he was alive. The third dream he wanted to become true was to see SriLanka in peace. Unfortunately for us none of his final dreams has not become reality when he was alive.

So as SriLankans we must be really thankful to Sir Arther C. Clarke and I personally feel that we have not given him the full credit that we should have given him when he were alive with us in our land. Let us hope that his third dream become true in near future even though he is not with us now.

Dear Sir you have done a great service for us and for this whole world. Thank you millions and hope you will be with us once again.


  1. yes you are right. Nice to see someone paying the last tribute to the man.

    As for that Buddhism thing, as far as i know he was strictly a non – religious person. It is a known fact but something our media didn’t like to publish. Maybe he took Buddhism as a philosophy not as a religion and believed in Buddhism. That i don’t know. All i wanted to say was that our so called free media was very careful not to mention Arther C Clarke’s criticism against religions.

    And yes lets salute him.


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