Posted by: Tharindu | March 28, 2008

Starting with Ubuntu

I just thought to work with Ubuntu for a while beside my favorite operating system Windows XP. And I think that its a great operating system for the programmers considering the performance factor. I am still new to this Ubuntu 7.10 Linux based operating system and learning the stuff.

I usually use programming language Java for most of my programming, Therefore I use NetBeans 6.1 Beta for Linux for my programming. These days I am learning J2mE and found that the NetBeans gives greater flexibility for J2ME developers to reduce time. I feel that because some of the my stuff done by text editors & Sun’s Wireless tool kit that took hours of coding can be simply done with in about 20-30 minutes using the drag and drop with some small coding. Of course you need to have coding experience to be good programmer but if you feel that you have enough experience go to NetBeans. That will save you hours of time. I used Wine( an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix) to install Macromedia Flash and DreamViewer to my Ubuntu operating system. My friend Sameera helped me in this work a lot.

How ever I feel Windows XP(NOT Vista for sure) is the best OS if you like gaming or listening to music. Because as far as I know Ubuntu does not have games like IGI , Flight Simulator,Need for Speed or Cricket 2004/2007. I can’t find Winamp type of player for Ubuntu, which I like most. I use a pretty old version of Winamp (Winamp 2.7) coz I use it only for listen mp3 songs. Usually I do not listen to video songs. In case I use media player.

Regarding my early experiences I can say that, Ubuntu is better than Windows XP(I do not prefer any other windows OS yet) for programming. But XP is the best for gaming and multimedia.

Screen shots of My Ubuntu desktop



  1. Try Exaile or Amarok for listening to your mp3s, or if you want something really light weight you can use Audacious.

    I do agree completely that gaming in Ubuntu is not up to par with XP.


  2. thanks for the comment fatalexception
    I will try with the players you said.


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