Posted by: Tharindu | September 10, 2008

Free Online TV and Radio in Srilanka

I was little late to post these links to you all. you can watch your favourite Srilankan television channels and listen to srilankan radio channels using following linkes, – Online TV, Radio

you can watch your most favourite srilankan tv channels like Swarnavahini, Rupavahini, ITN, and also Sirasa TV completely free here, with high quality , video resolutions, And you can also listen to following radio channels online – Lakhanda, Neth FM, Siyatha FM, Asura FM, Y FM, Sinhalaya FM and Sirasa FM – Online Radio – Listen to your favourite channels

First site contains 35 srilankan radio channels, but some of them are not working. Second one also contain some set of channels to listen.

Have a look at these sites they are simply wonderful, now you don’t need to leave your computer to listen to news or to watch your favourite channel, simply open it on a seperate tab in your Mozilla Firefox browser, Regardz

And more.. you can download free sinhala mp3 songs / audio with this blog. The purpose of this blog is to add a complete blog of all SriLankan classical music download links.


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