Posted by: Tharindu | October 5, 2008

What does Google Chrome offer developers?

I wonder why Google is going to launch their own search engine to compete with Firefox. I have also downloaded and browsed with Google Chrome for a while and I am now back with my favorite Firefox search engine. It was surprising for me initially to see the search engine without a top menu and a status bar at bottom. I felt like it was a copy of Firefox and What I really liked about Chrome was their new tab window with previews of my early visited sites. And that feature is in Opera web browser. There for for me Google Chrome was not better than Firefox. Here is how proffessionals had looked at Google Chrome.

” Google touts Chrome as an open source browser project, which means its main competitor seems to be Firefox and not Internet Explorer. The browser rendering engine was developed with the help of WebKit. Chrome is up and running after a painless download and install. ”

“Google launched the first beta version of its Chrome Web browser on Tuesday after two years of development. Only the Microsoft Windows version has been released, but Google promised Mac and Linux versions would soon follow. TechRepublic immediately started kicking the tires and has put together a photo gallery and a quick list of the five best new features you’ll find in Google Chrome.”

to read more about them visit the following links

What does Google Chrome offer developers?

The Five best new browser features in Google Chrome

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