Posted by: Tharindu | December 14, 2008

Starting with iPhone App Development – Is it the right time?

I am working at hsenid software as an under graduate trainee, and have some great experience developing j2me applications,
J2ME IM client application

And I have got a chance to study and develop iPhone applications for iPhone and iPods. It has been great experience for me. There for I just thought of posting some of my experience here in my blog. I have started learning Objective-C, since it is the programming language used by Apple, and given to us to do the stuff in Mac, and apple iPhone/iPods. It was initially very tough for me to get the coding syntax and stuff, thought I would simply fail sometimes, but once I started to work wih X-code, I found it simply easier to get the idea, with the use of 2 seperate files to seperate interface from implementation and pragma marks, it is really easy to understand and code with objective-C, I have read iPhone OS programming Guide after reading Objective-C 2.0 reference, then also with the use of iPhone application developer ebook I have got familiar with the development process, getting familiar with Interface Builder was amazing. Really looking forward to develop great applications in near future, time will tell the progress. But I doubt, is it the right time to start learning a language like this, with T-Mobile Google Android phone just came up with the familiar jave development environment. But Google’s own Trends does tell that it is not a threat to iPhone yet.

iPhone – Android Google Trends

Now, I am studing XMPP protocol and plan to develop an iPhone client just to get my hands on iPhone application development. I found the code of an xmpp framework at Google code.  It is an objective-C code, But  I had to change some parts to make the framwork model running in the iPhone simulator. So I just have to write the controller and view to get the model used with my application.


  1. Very nice. Do you have any reference where we can get the reading guidelines and tutorial stuff ?


    • The iPhone Developers Cook Book is a great book to read to start coding, in addition to that other Apple iPhone Dev Center resources can be used. But for a start, it is difficult to start with Apple recommended iPhone OS Programming Guide. I think we should read this after getting a little experience on iPhone Application development


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