Posted by: Tharindu | March 28, 2009

Research App to covert x protocol to Jabber XMPP

I was little bit away from iPhone application development in my training place with in the last week. I did a research on converting our own protocol in to Jabber and possibility of allowing users of that protocol automatically use Jabber internally when logging, registering, private chatting or public chatting in joined chat rooms. My early experience using ejabberd (Jabber server) when I was implementing iPhone XMPP client helped me in this process. I have found smack api is a great Jabber client library in java that we could use in this process.

My initial task was to implement a command line java application that allow to enter messages in our protocol and when you press enter I needed to use Jabber to do what ever relevent with that message. Using Smack api and ejabberd server there has been a little mis match where it generated a null pointer exception. But it never came from my code, then I used smack api source code to build and found its coming from encoding some text with ejabberd server. After adding a try catch to the particular place I could login to ejabberd as well. Smack api works fine without any changes with their Jabber server – Open fire. Open fire seems to be having much advanced user interface, but it does not have clustering as ejabberd have. With in two days time I was able to complete my research and implement a java application to do features in our private protocol with Jabber server.

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