Posted by: Tharindu | July 2, 2009

Location Based IM client Server app

We are currently working on our third year project for the University. It’s a 6 credit project work. ( Little too much credits when its compared with other subjects ). Our group consists of four members – Nirojan, Ishara, Withuran and me. We have decided to implement a location based IM client and server.

Simple user interaction flow would be as follows.

  1. User could login to our server using mobile device
  2. Mobile application would be a platform independent J2Me application with advanced and user friendly User Interfaces that would display Google Maps to set and view user locations. I would be mostly working on mobile client development.
  3. Users could also use the client to chat with his friends, he could also manage his friends. In addition we also plan to give users ability to share pictures. or even taking pictures from mobile and share them.
  4. With all these functions our aim of the client is to be one jar file for most Java enabled hand held devices with beautiful UIs. With J2ME polish api we are planning to do this. This would work for all MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.0 hand held devices.
Google Map sample

I would update more information about our project in future. We are expected finish this work with in another 3 months time. Quite challenging. We expect to come up with a quality application that would further enhance.

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