Posted by: Tharindu | August 25, 2009

JavaFX My Applications. Do I?

Today We had a workshop conducted by Sun at our Faculty on Java FX. This was my first experience in anything about Java FX. Session was done by Mr. Faisal Ahamed, Senior Technical Consultant at Sun, and it was really exciting. We had a wonderful practical session which was a lot interactive. JavaFX is intended to achieve Java’s feature of ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’.

I am not certainly an expert with Java FX, but I will just blog about my initial impressions and ideas about Java FX and Mobile Development. IMO Java is still not fully achieved this target (WORA) when it comes to mobile application development. Yes Java is so far the best language to learn if you want to learn a minimum to code for different Mobile platforms. Still Genuine iPhone is out of their range. Its perhaps because Apple does not want some one coding for their phone with a different way that they do not like. I think Java FX will perhaps take years to even work on mobile devices. Certainly this seem to be a far better approach for their target but its a matter of mobile vendors supporting their approach. We need Java FX Runtime on top of JVM to run Java FX Applications. So how could these FX applications work on millions of existing java phones ? But if all mobile vendors could agree on that new phones will come up with this it will be a better future for Java FX for Mobile Development. But so far to go yet. Perhaps I might be wrong.

See Some of the nice JavaFX Samples at here

Java FX Address Book Java FX Weather JavaFX Puzzle

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