Posted by: Tharindu | September 23, 2009

Location Based Instant Messaging for Mobile Devices

Yesterday was one tough day for us regarding our L3 Project, we had our final presentation done. We had planned to create a Location Based Social Networking solution and we were able to successfully complete it to a level where we could present it yesterday with few days of full commitment dedicated for this work after a busy exam shedule. We have hosted our project at Google code so any new one will not have to start from scratch next time. Project was called lbim. Hope to add some wiki pages for more help there. And also we would like to improve the project further.

The solution consists of a terminal server and a J2ME mobile client with some great looking user interfaces powered by J2ME Polish. Here I have attached the content of the final report and the presentation also with links to download the mobile app. J2ME Application is a generic app that will work on MIDP 2 CLDC 11 all phones. If your phone does not have Location API(JSR 179) it even runs as a normal IM Client. The users can see their friends on a Google Map and they could chat with the friends, simply an exciting solution to an Instant Messaging App. Users of the mobile application can see their friends on an interactive Map with zooming and scrolling. Application can track your location and send it to server, and server will provide a map with locations of you and your friends.

Download Jar / Jad

Google Code Project: LBIM

Final Presentation / Report

lbim1 lbim2 lbim3 lbim4 lbim5 lbim6

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