Posted by: Tharindu | September 26, 2009

Why we should develop Sinhala Unicode Fonts ?

I have got a great opportunity to attend a series of  traning sessions on Font Development at UCSC which was organized by ICTA. I was fortuante to be there to learn the best practices for developing unicode fonts in Sinhala. The first day was really wonderful and sessions were done by great people who have worked hard on this Sinhala Unicode concepts and who have been really working hard on Sinhala Localizations. Prof. Gihan Dias, Harsha Wijeywardana, Wini Hettigoda were helped us on this event. At the end of first day, I have got a real interest in coming up with a sinhala unicode font with next few weeks. And also I will add a good post on how to develop sinhala unicode fonts by the end of training sessions in next few weeks. You should have two things to develop a Sinhala Unicode font. First one is you gotta love your language and secondly you should have time. The second one is the one I am lacking with my university and office work but I need to somehow find some time to develop at least one nice sinhala unicode font.

As you might already know there are hundreds of sinhala fonts but only few unicode ones. The difference between a unicode font and a normal font is unicode font have a unique value for each character in each language. It means Sinhala ‘අ'(3461) has a unique value and English ‘A’ (65) has its own and any character in any language has its own value. It will be a complete different keyboard layout. In contrast in a normal font they say if you press ‘A’ on keyboard draw some picture something like that. It’s not a real sinhala font just a wrong mapping. Then If you don’t the have the font you will be reading something really confusing at the end. The intent of unicode is to give each language and each character a unique value. So we should develop sinhala unicode fonts instead of normal sinhala fonts in that sense. If we all use Sinhala Unicode instead of normal sinhala fonts, all you need to have is atleast one Sinhala Unicode font to see something written in different different Sinhala Unicode fonts. Great and much easier in the end.


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