Posted by: Tharindu | November 1, 2009

CDAX Mobile Stock Trading App to trade in CSE

I have been working on a quite a challenging project with few other guys last few months at hSenid Mobile. It was about implementing a J2ME Mobile Stock Trading client and few changes to existing trading mobile server and data feed server. CDAX Mobile users can sell/buy shares, retrieve real time stock quotes, streaming prices, modify/cancel orders, get updates on instant market statistics, obtain instant trade confirmation/ portfolio details/ account balance/ subscription details/  live updates on top gainers and losers over GPRS or WiFi using their java enabled mobile.

I have been mainly worked on J2ME Client implementation and some changes on Trading Server. It was quite challenging for me to work on Trading Server since I have been mostly doing Mobile Development. And I loved J2ME Development using J2ME Polish API and always worked to make UI better and better. CDAX Mobile application consists with two generic applications for MIDP 2 CLDC 1 / MIDP2 CLDC11 devices with great looking ui to its users. We have tested the application in several devices and make sure it functions well within different mobile handsets. The application would be available on CDAX site for its users within next few weeks.


  1. where can i get more details about this app? tnx


    • Have a look at this Site. I think you could download it from there now.

      CDAX Mobile


  2. What phone models works with CDAX, mine is SE k750i, prog installs, but not connecting. Takng long times (even 12 hrs) without connecting, what can I do?


    • Oh. I am currently not working at hSenid, where I involved in developing mobile app. App should run on SE models fine, I remember even I tested it on K 800. But it’s some time ago. I think you could contact regarding this issue currently on. It should work fine with correct login info assuming servers running. I am not sure about recent changes though. Will help you regarding this on that email address.


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