Posted by: Tharindu | November 22, 2009

Is Dialog Officially Authorized to sell iPhones in SriLanka ?

Few weeks ago, I bought an iPhone from Dialog(One of the main Mobile Service Providers in SriLanka). It comes with one year warranty from Dialog. And surprisingly its unlocked.  So soon after that I realized that it could not have been backed by Apple. It costs really high exactly 89000 SLR (less than 900US$). And main reason that people go for Apple products I think is about Apple’s one to one replacement warranty. So I doubt whether my iPhone from Dialog has that warranty. And about the phone, its a genuine iPhone you could update iPhone OS with iTunes. Play with all cool Objective-C iPhone apps from the device.

Last week I was able to contact a lady from DMS, she has confirmed me that no one in SriLanka is officially allowed to sell iPhones yet. And DMS is currently one of the two official Apple representatives in SriLanka. But for the moment I was told that they only sell Mac computer stuff only. So I am just writing this post to let you guys know about there are still NO official iPhone dealers in SriLanka. What I mean is you don’t need to go to Dialog to buy an iPhone since they are also not officially allowed to sell iPhones.


  1. Brother,
    I’m currently in Qatar and very much fund of iphone. Appreciate your info on iphone Sinhala Unicode and so forth.

    Let me know what application can work with SRI DIALOG and for Rs 89K+ what you have brought is it 3GS or ?


    • Hi mate,
      It’s only a 3G iPhone, I just brought if for iPhone Development stuff. I thought Dialog sells iPhone with genuine Apple warranty. And it’s NOT. So no use in buying a 3G iPhone for that much expense. You can get relatively a cheaper price normal 3G iPhone around 70k may be without warranty. As I heard Apple genuine warranty includes one to one replacement for iPhone stuff until one year. But SriLanka is not yet in iPhone selling list published by Apple.


  2. Sorry for late response.. Anyway now I’m own a 3GS 32G, great gadget I could say. It’s officially unlocked and eager to get shihala applications if any
    Kindly let me know any available stuff

    Thanks in advance


  3. Great News. Updated to iOS 4 which has Sinhala unicode support without any modifications. Cool 🙂


  4. Hi,

    is anybody know what’ll be the price of iphone 4 & where it’s avilable in sri lanka

    many thanks


    • It’s available in Liberty Plaza. It will cost around 1,10,000 LKR for a Factory Unlocked one here.


      • Hi Tharindu,

        thanks a lot for the info



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