Posted by: Tharindu | December 3, 2009

How to install Sinhala unicode for Mac

I was looking for how to install sinhala unicode fonts for Mac. When I initially checked out about this I could not find this details from Siyabas site by ICTA where it has all other information regarding installing Unicode fonts for different Operating Systems. For OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard) site did not contain any information. Then through wikipedia article on Sinhala Font Guide, I was able to get a link to download Malithi web sinhala unicode font designed for Mac. So I just thought of posting this few simple steps on how to have Sinhala unicode running for a Mac. But still with some rendering problems may be

  • Download Malithi web font for Mac from here (.ttf)
  • Copy the file to /Library/Fonts folder simple as that

At this point at least now we can see some sinhala web pages but still with some rendering issues for letters with ‘combu’ some times. I will add it here if I find a better solution than this later.

Download Mac Compatible Kaputa font

There’s Google Noto Sans Sinhala font to be downloaded as well. This font was released as a result of Google’s attempt to make free fonts available for all languages.

There seems to be a really well made Sinhala font designed for Mac. It is mac version of Bhashitha Font. Download Mac Bhashitha font.

Also you could download Unicode equivalent FM Fonts from Unicode equivalent FM Fonts

Also you could download FireFox RC2 with Sinhala for Mac.

Update on July, 2021 –

How to type in Sinhala on Mac?

macOS supports Sinhala Unicode by default. To easily type Sinhala Unicode on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, you could use Sanhinda Sinhala Typing Pad downloaded via mac AppStore. The typing pad transliterates English to Sinhala Unicode Realtime and could be easily copied using keyboard short cut ⌘ + P.


  1. it’s works perfectly thx a lot


  2. thank you!


  3. Working prefect


  4. Thanks for that! I have also tried kaputa Unicode, it works but as you said there are some rendering problems….. But this is what I dont understand…. I can see sinhala unicodes on my iPod touch perfectly with no rendering probs…. It was built in font… So I’m just wondering why apple didn’t do the same for Mac os


    • ah yep.. they had included sinhala unicode to iOS since 4.0 OS.. may be with next Mac OS – Lion they might include sinhala font for mac as well hopefully..


    • you might also try Mac Bhashitha font done by ICTA. It’s here.


      • thanks for that 😀


  5. Malithi and Iskoola Potha unicode fonts are working very well if you use Firefox. You will not get the correctly rendered fonts when you use Safari or Chrome.


  6. Appreciate your blog to help Mac users. The links to Malithi,Kaputa Mac Bhasitha and Adobe-and-mac-compatible-sinhala-unicode-fonts no longer works. I google separately and still could not find. Any suggestions?


  7. Thanks so much for your help. I downloaded the fonts and now I can read Sinhala (with minor rendering issues). Is there a transitilation program for Mac for writing Sinhala?


  8. Hi,
    Go to following URL and save that page in locally. then you are good to go offline too.


  9. බොහොම ස්තුතියි කරපු උදව්වට.
    Thanks a lot. It works. You are great!
    May the noble triple gem bless you!


  10. Thanks for the information I just did it.


  11. http://http//
    kindly inform how to open this link


    • Thanks for informing this. Looks like this link is broken. I’ve updated the blog post with Kaputa Unicode link. Other links for fonts are working.


  12. thanks dude. this is very helpful.


  13. thank you very much. i got kaput. and bashitha was already in mac.
    pls see if iskole path also can be fixed in to mac


  14. Is there an updated link to Bhasitha font? I still have issues with ‘kombuwa’


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