Posted by: Tharindu | December 23, 2009

SriLanka Insight iPhone Application

I have been working on implementing an iPhone application that I wanted to show up most beautiful images from SriLanka. And I have worked on this from the first day I got my MacBook. Eventhough, I am still not a registered Apple iPhone developer but I wanted my application to be in AppStore, first day I have finished development. To publish my application therefore I have asked for my friend in Switzerland, who was very generous to my request. I knew Apple would take at least two weeks to publish it from my previous experience on hExpense application submission. But it was unbelievably much faster this time. It took nearly less than six days, which was a significant improvement with Apple Approval Process from my first application submitted on behalf of hSenid Software Interational. That took more than 2 weeks to be approved by apple. And yet still there was a slight delay to appear the application in iTunes even after it was shown as ‘Ready to Sale’ status with iTunesConnect. But it’s acceptable when it compared to my initial experience.

And SriLanka Insight is a pretty cool application that brings an iPhone Photos like application with 52 SriLankan images hosted remote. You can experience auto rotations, pinch in-out to zoom in-out images, swipes to move between srilankan images. And also you have the ability to share these images with your friends within the application. Until iPhone OS 3.0 SDK we had to leave the application to add this functionality. But now it’s quite nice that we could integrate it within our application rather giving responsibility to iPhone Mails application. Additionally you could send comments directly to me, within the application on how you would like it to be improved. At the same time, you could save the images to iPhone Saved Photos album if you want. Therefore, I think it could be a cool application for SriLankans as well as who likes SriLankan sights just to experience that completely free application.


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  1. Hey

    I was so amazed when I saw something about sri lanka in appstore. Keep doing good work. The main purpose of writing this note is to know is there anyway I could get sinhala unicodes for my iphone without jailbreaking. Coz recently I downloaded a SL calender to sync with google clender but its appeared not to be anything once its on iphone. (font missing) will be happy if you could suggest me a solution or could you please link me to a place where i can easily download SL holiday calender (english) ical format to sync with google.



  2. Very good work here bro !!


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