Posted by: Tharindu | January 14, 2010

SriLanka Insight 1.1 Update Available

I have a problem of having broken links for my iPhone application after few days. I had to update a quick release since without remote server available, it wouldn’t be any use for users. New version includes 60 images of beautiful sights from SriLanka. I released an update on 11th January, and surprisingly within less than 3 days it was on AppStore. So it’s certainly a great improvement of Apple Application Review process.

Still I think I should do few improvements to version 2. What I expect to do is make application independent of remote server, rather it must load images from what ever server I prefer by reading a file at remote destination. I would cirtainly want to do this in my available time for next release. This way I expect to make application load any number of images without changing any single line of code at client.


  1. No its not an improvement of Apple. They take few weeks to release a new app into the store. But new versions of an existing app goes in quickly.


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