Posted by: Tharindu | December 22, 2011

Sanhinda සන්හිඳ for iPhone and Android Application to Type in Sinhala

We formed a little team of four friends to make some fun time creative apps. සන්හිඳ (Sanhinda) is the first one for us to start with. In our team I am working on iOS development. And my friend Dulan works on Android. Julian with his experience does graphic design for us. Asanka, we usually call him Lokkaiya works on Web, PHP developments. All of us together makes a nice combination to bring our little crazy ideas into public. I had an idea of making Sinhala transliteration app from past looking at Google Transliterate & UCSC online transliterate tool and I have been using them for quite a while. iPhone had a lack of Sinhala Keyboard and also a transliterate app that makes Sinhala typing difficult on my favorite mobile phone. Therefore, We decided to make this idea live as the first step on Both iOS & Android. Sanhinda for Android was developed by Dulan and I developed the Sanhinda for iPhone.

Download Sanhinda Keyboard for iPhone by Me

Download Predictive Sanhinda Sinhala Typing Pad for iPhone, iPad and macOS by Me

Download Sanhinda for Android by Dulan


Sanhinda (සන්හිඳ) featured in iTunes Sri Lanka within 3 days of its initial release. Below is a few screenshots of it having top ranks in AppStore Sri Lanka.

#1 Free iPhone App in Sri Lanka

#1 Free iPhone App in Utilities Sri Lanka

Update 1: Sanhinda iOS app has been completely re-written in Swift on May, 2018. App supports full featured Sinhala keyboard and helping note pad to learn how to type in Sinhala using English keyboard.
Sanhinda – Type in Sinhala on iOS

Update 2: Predictive Sanhinda Sinhala Typing Pad and Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and macOS was released on July, 2021. The app can self-learn your Sinhala typing and suggest predictions for Quick Typing.


Following is a little screen demo of සන්හිඳ for iPhone..

Few screens of the සන්හිඳ for iPhone..


Few screens of සන්හිඳ for Android..



  1. how to type ක්‍රී here??


    • Here you could type “krii” and it will show on iPhone as “ක්රී” but when you post it to web, facebook, browser text will be shown as “ක්‍රී”. This happens because iPhone doesn’t render “රකාරාංශය” nicely.


  2. ඳ liyanne kohomada?


    • You could write it by “nndha” ඳ


      • Yes it works. Thanka a lot!


  3. Chaithyaya Kyla hriyta singlish vln type krnne khmda?


    • Try this one “chIthYaya”


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