Posted by: Tharindu | December 28, 2016

Why you should not buy from Could it be another PCHouse for customers with warrenty

I have bought few products via and the last one I bought was a Vehicle BlackBox DVR. The product was said to have 5V Battery Built-in in it’s product description. The price was unarguably great and thinking about Dialog backing up behind wow you have no hesitation to go for it. I bought the product and suddenly realized it just switches off in less than 10 seconds (Yes, its 10 seconds not minutes) after turning on. The cam didn’t have a SD Card so I thought of buying one and see, and after adding the SD card also camera didn’t hold the charge at least for 10 seconds after a full charge. Surely this camera is unusable as a dash-cam. What happened next was interesting from what said to be Sri Lanka’s #1 e-commerce website.



I went to Wow store [17th Dec, 2016] expected it to be replaced with a functioning one. I explained the issue of the product to one sales person and he said they’re willing to give one to one replacement and asked me to talk to another person.

I had to negotiate with that fellow for about 10-15 minutes explaining it is totally un-usable. First thing he came up was that the product doesn’t have a battery. (Wow, I switched him on the camera and showed it’s switching on without plugging onto power : -) ) Even after showing that to that fellow I had to explain several times for him to believe there’s a battery which doesn’t hold power. Then he said yes, there’s a small battery that is not powerful (Wow, then I asked why don’t you add it in product description? so people will not be fooled). Then he said there’s bit expensive product in the range of 20k that holds power (Wow, why don’t you add a link to that as well). I asked him to come with me to Pettah and I’ll buy him a dash-cam which holds the power for 3.5k which is the same price they advertised on their dash-cam. And he continued to say there was another customer came today morning to return the product and he explained him the issue and the customer went. (Wow, poor customer went on dissatisfied with false reasoning by Wow sales rep). I kept on to say the product is unusable and even Ebay has better customer oriented service than you guys who are backed-up by Dialog. After wasting around 10-15 mins he got the product for a re-fund. Following is the receipt I got. Meantime I sent couple of support emails after a week and did not receive a reply of what happened to my request other than they will come back to me. After 11 days  [On Dec 28, 2016], I called the customer support twice, both the times call was put onto hold for some time and it was disconnected after 13 minutes first time and after 9 minutes second time (on second call I was told they’re still processing the request after 11 days : -) Wow. Probably there’s so many refund requests ; -) ).


You could see it says there’s no battery built-in, but in the product description still you could see they say there’s a battery. And the product switches on without plugging into power. (Wow : -) how come a product without a battery switches on when not connected to power).

Finally I believe there are few reasons why you shouldn’t buy from Wow and better look into EBay.
1. There’s no way to see customer feed-back, ratings or comments of purchased users.
2. No way to return malfunctioning products without wasting your valuable time arguing.
3. Bad customer support calls, which could even be disconnected when there’s a real issue.

I have received the refund cheque deposited on 10th January, 2017. Cheque was dated 9th January, 2017. One of my friend at Wow also helped me on this, I didn’t know he was there by the time of writing this post though.


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