Posted by: Tharindu | January 5, 2018

My Side project CoinTracker iOS app reaches 1K Daily Active Users in just over 3 months!

I have started developing CoinTracker iOS app as a side project during my spare time, and I first published CoinTracker iOS app to the Apple app store on 28th. September 2017. It garnered a lot of interest very quickly and was loved by almost everyone who used it. Following positive customer suggestions, I have made a number of improvements to make a brilliant product even better.

One of CoinTracker’s strongest features has always been its simplicity and ease of use. It was designed from the start so that even novices could use it. CoinTracker users tell me constantly how much they appreciate being able to track their crypto-currencies without CoinTracker getting in their way. I truly believe it is this simplicity of design and function which sets CoinTracker apart from its many competitors.

And what of the future? Well the good news is, following initial success on iOS, I now have a friend working on producing an Android version as fast as he can. We have been working on the Android version for about one month and its gaining a lot of interest as well since its initial release just like for iOS app.

CoinTracker iOS app reached over 1000 daily active users yesterday 4th. January 2018 (within just over three months from initial release). I was so excited about the success within a short period. When it first reached 100 daily active users I was so happy and I have posted in Indie Hackers forum and got some suggestions on how to bring it to the next level. And those suggestions really helped too and the exponential growth in last three months was amazing. My friends also helped me with suggestions on how to improve the app too addition to lots of feedback came from CoinTracker users.

I would like to thank all CoinTracker users for helping this grow and we would work hard to make the app even better and we have certain plans to introduce unique features in next few months, which were never included with any crypto app before. Stay updated with my blog and our social media channels Facebook, Twitter for CoinTracker latest releases with these new and unique features.

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