Posted by: Tharindu | July 18, 2018

Sanhinda – Transliterate, Type English to Sinhala on iOS

Sanhinda iOS app was my very first personal app, which I have submitted into Apple AppStore way back in December, 2011. The initial version was written in Objective-C and the app helped to type in Sinhala using the English Keyboard on iOS devices. The app got huge attraction in 2011 and reached #1 rank in Sri Lanka Apple AppStore on 22nd December, 2011. The design for this app was done by one of my friend Julian.

After a while, I have totally forgotten this app and recently a person I have met got a requirement to type in Sinhala, but the existing apps on iOS lacked ability to type letters with yansaya (ex. ද්‍ය). What I noticed was my old app was not compatible on iOS 11 and also the app is not having the custom keyboard (This feature was later introduced on iOS 8). I thought I would re-write the app in Swift to support this requirement to help anyone wanted to type Sinhala properly on iOS devices. Therefore, I have re-written the whole app in Swift with an additional Sanhinda Sinhala Keyboard Extension, which could be used to add additional keyboard into iOS device keyboards list. As well as that you could also learn to write using Sanhinda iOS app and its helpful note pad.

To enable custom Sinhala Keyboard:
1. Download and Install Sanhinda iOS app from Apple AppStore.
2. Goto device Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard…
3. Select සන්හිඳ Keyboard to add additional keyboard to type.
4. You can switch between keyboards using Globe icon in English keyboard.



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