Posted by: Tharindu | November 28, 2019

How to Re-claim and Free up at least 1GB of Gmail Storage Space Quickly?

I recently realized my Gmail is running out of space and I need to clear up some unused or large Emails, and clean up Google Drive space. I hardly used Google Photos. And most of my space was used by Gmail. In addition to standard 15 GB space I also had 2 GB additional free storage which was acquired by a security check up enabled by Google few years ago. Out of my 17 GB space only 1 GB was used by Drive, 0.02 GB for Photos, and nearly 15 GB by Gmail. I did few things that easily got me nearly 2 GB storage space re-claimed. I would like to list the steps I did, so it would be useful for anyone to quickly claim some useful space for Gmail emails.

  1. How to Re-claim space in Google Drive?
    1.1 Visit the following link to see your files listed from largest to smallest.
    1.2 Put files you don’t want in to the Bin with Right Click & “Remove”
    1.3 Goto Bin from left side navigation. Press Ctrl+A / Cmd+A (Mac) to Select All. Right Click & “Delete Forever”
  2. How to Re-claim space in Gmail Inbox? (A. Remove Large Emails)
    2.1 First lets delete largest emails using search bar.
    2.2 Search for has:attachment larger:10M.
    2.3 This looks for Emails containing attachments larger than 10 MB. You can change the value to be either 5M, 7M, 15M, 20M as your requirement.
    2.4 Look for no longer needed files and move them to Trash using Bin icon.
    2.5 You must also make sure you completely remove them from Trash by going to Trash from left navigation. Press “Empty Trash Now”
  3. How to Re-claim space in Gmail Inbox? (B. Clean Social  & Promotions Inboxes)
    3.1 Gmail is smart enough to send all your social network & promotional emails to two separate inboxes other than primary, where I had many thousands of emails from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, AppAnnie,, BetaList, WordPress, etc.
    3.2 You could completely remove them too without deleting your valuable emails. This saved me at least 500MB+ storage.
    3.3 I simply used Select All box in top left corner to select thousands of emails at once. But it depends on whether you have any important emails there.
    3.4 Make sure you empty trash in the end once again. Finally it should have no messages.empty_trash
  4. Finally, Congratulations! I have saved a quite a lot. You must be too. So you do not need to pay Google for more space yet! 🙈 Refresh Gmail Tab, go to very bottom to see the available space.

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