Posted by: Tharindu | April 14, 2020

Survey Article on Blockchain Technology

I have been reading part-time for my Mphil degree since couple of years at University of Kelaniya, Faculty of Computing and Technology, while working full time for Vesess. My main research include working on developing a protocol to simplify management of cryptocurrencies, which is already in progress. The research started with a survey paper on blockchain technology. This has been my very first experience on formal scientific article writing in addition to usual writing I did for academic purposes during my BSc at University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Information Technology. After going through several revisions with the guidance of Kelaniya University mentors (Dr. HD Weerasinghe and Prof. NGJ Dias) and SN Computer Science journal review panel, I was able to get my publication online on Springer.

Within the survey paper, we have aggregated all the core concepts of blockchain technologies for future researchers and readers who are initiating their studies in the particular technology. Once we started researching this technology, many of the concepts were scattered on different sources such as academic journals, technical reports, books, and research papers. With this paper, we believe that we save quite a lot of time for future readers by presenting blockchain technological terms together within a single survey with heaps of useful technical details. The final publication is available at

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Gamage, H.T.M., Weerasinghe, H.D. & Dias, N.G.J. A Survey on Blockchain Technology Concepts, Applications, and Issues. SN COMPUT. SCI. 1, 114 (2020).

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