Posted by: Tharindu | October 22, 2020

Paylinks Android and iOS Apps

We have planned a quite an exciting app during COVID-19 pandemic at Vesess. The mobile app was called Paylinks and it enables users to quickly share payment links to get paid. Initially payment links can be paid either via Paypal or Stripe. We have also added support to print the links as QR codes and receive unlimited payments if you wish to, as well as partial payments. Since we wanted to deliver the idea into market in a quick time I have suggested that we would implement it with Dart programming language using Flutter SDKs. The execution was very smooth and we were able to get the native experience using Flutter SDKs.

For me I would recommend Flutter over React Native for a Hybrid mobile app development, obviously if you are not coming from a solid web development background. The main reason is that Flutter apps run as native apps without a java script runtime behind. Similar to a Game Engine flutter renders the dart code into a fully native app on both iOS and Android platforms. With the Google’s backing the documentation and support is really fascinating and executions are straight forward.

Following slideshow shows how the same flutter code renders app on iOS, and the next slideshow shows how it renders on Android OS.

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