Posted by: Tharindu | April 26, 2021

Dialog ezCash fraud and annoying customer service

Recently, my Dialog ezCash account has been reset for the second time in 4 months. Interestingly for the second consecutive time, balance wiped out (It was consistent). First time it was wiped out with a 220 LKR in January, 2021 and the second time it was 150 LKR in April, 2021. You might be thinking that’s not much, but I wish I’m the only one their fraudulent stealings have to be dealt with. This time I’ve decided NO more ezCash wallets after their annoying customer service for the many times I had to deal with after their technical faults (may be a feature).

Jan, 2021

I have called Dialog customer service in January and explained that after using #111# I was asked to register for ezCash again and my previous balance was wiped out. They have verified my number and personal details and went on to say I have no transaction history for the number. I was amazed and I insisted I have been using this for some time while transferring money via Commercial Bank online banking. Luckily, I even had Dialog’s ezCash SMS messages with me that time. Even explaining all this they insisted I have to visit a service centre during Corona Virus pandemic and I asked whether they don’t have a email based customer service. Ideally, the customer service should have opted for it. After arguing with the customer service little more time the person said that I can email to

Unless otherwise for the SMS message and online transaction history I would have lost that 220 LKR as well where second customer service call also insisted saying that my ezCash account does not contain any transactions while my commercial bank history clearly shows I have been transferring money to my ezCash account.

April, 2021

Same thing happened again, after transferring 150 LKR via Commercial Bank online banking, when I used #111# on my Dialog, I was asked to register. I knew I’m gonna loose the money again so didn’t want to continue registration. So I’ve decided I may call customer service without continuing registration so it would be easier for them to find the fault and transfer 150 LKR I have sent to this account. As expected, customer service agent went on to say I have no transactions and went on to argue with me that I have to visit a service centre. I strongly objected and went on to argue “Why should I visit a service centre during Corona Virus pandemic? Even your customer service ring tone asks not to visit service places“. After arguing the agent agreed that I can email the matter. So I’ve emailed the detail with commercial bank online screenshot. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t have the SMS history as well as no account created SMS as I didn’t continue to registration process.

After the email, another customer service agent called and insisted me to visit a service centre. I was like What is really wrong with these guys? I have emailed everything and now I have to visit a service centre for 150 LKR vanished because of their technical fault. The same agent went onto say I have four wallets created for my number. I asked “Wow! How on earth had it happened? Mobitel doesn’t even allow creating more than one wallet for a NIC and you guys have created 4 wallets for my same number with one NIC“. The agent insisted it was my fault. I said I just typed #111# other than that I do not have a way to access your services. I was really annoyed this time and still asked them to investigate and come back to me with an answer why it had happened. And I went on to say if it is not a feature it should be a critical bug in your system you should fix without making people loose their money on vanished ezCash accounts.

For the third time, another guy called and he also went on to argue with me my account does not have transactions and asked me for the last transaction date. I was like “What is really wrong with them? I have emailed everything with details and reference numbers now they are asking dates without checking them!” I was really annoyed this time and I said I’M DONE with ezCash! If you can please transfer back my 150 LKR or else keep it. And I have also requested a written email reply for what happened to my account balance which they are yet to answer. If I ever get a written reply with a proper explanation I will attach it to this post. That is all about ezCash and Dialog’s annoying customer service!

Update: After two service request closures without a resolution, on the third request I have requested my last 10 ezCash transactions with dates, while trying to get a proper email reply. This time, they have realized what happened and added 150 LKR back but never sent me a written email with what happened or proper apology for the 2 prior closures. And my next written request has been closed without a written reply from Dialog as well. The decision is very straight forward: Never trust Dialog customer care and ezCash.


  1. Totally agree with your accusations on Dialog Telecom’s recent behavior on handling customer support. System failures can be acceptable. But after that the affected customers need to be handled wisely.


    • Exactly. Very poor customer service.


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