Posted by: Tharindu | April 5, 2011

Bloodless Medicine iPhone App (iAvoidBlood)

I started with few little iPhone apps at Silk. Blood App (simply termed) was one of iOS apps that I worked on during my stay at Silk. It’s later decided to name as iAvoidBlood to highlight its core function. This application is a collaborative educational project which promotes Bloodless Medicine. Bloodless Medicine refers to emerging clinical strategies for medical care without allogeneic blood transfusion and is said to be a well-defined area in Blood Management. The circular of information distributed with Blood and Blood Components recommends that all physicians be familiar with the alternatives that are a part of Bloodless Medicine.

Download iAvoidBlood on Apple Store

Blood App include three utilities named Evaluation (Animated Blood Calculator), eBlood Card & Blood Centers (Geo-Localization). In addition, App include detailed informative sections describing Blood (components of blood), Blood Transfusion, Transfusion Alternatives, Ethics and Glossary.

Evaluation utility – adds an animated calculation showing Final HT value calculated using patient or user’s Gender, Estimated Blood loss, Initial HT & Transfusion Threshold.

E-Blood Card – provides users to keep his preferences for accepting whole blood or its components. Users can share their e-blood card via emails.

Blood Centers – shows the nearest Blood Centers marked on a Google Map using iPhone Map Kit framework. Using Google Geo-coding API users are provided a way to search for nearest blood centers from any location. Data for the blood centers are read from silk web services. Even user could look for the route for Blood center and its details.

Transfusion Alternatives – provides comprehensive detailed section that describe the top to bottom details on Bloodless Medicine.


Following is a quick video of the Blood App.

Following are some screen shots for the app.

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